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Ways to know you are dating a Godly woman

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Personal Advert in Kenya of a Godly Woman

personal advert in kenya

Hello there,

I am a God fearing, single Kenyan woman, aged 31. I am self-employed and would like to meet a foreigner who loves God for a relationship that will lead to marriage.

If you are in Kenya, better for both of us though am willing to wait for you if you are not here. I am 1 guy lady and I will strive hard to make you happy.

Contact to know about me, do not forget to send your photos.

Contact me

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Introducing Jesus in your relationship is the best recipe for having a healthy relationship leading to marriage.

There are uncountable benefits of dating a Godly woman.

A Godly woman has submitted to the will of God hence she will always encourage you to do what is right and there will be no case of heartbreak that is common with worldly and selfish women.

A God-fearing partner that loves God is a great treasure to you and your family. Don’t go for material possession that may end any minute.

Most ladies commit a big mistake of marrying bad boys thinking they will walk with them to church, no, most of them are not after Godly marriages with you.

Do you want God fearing wife or husband? Pray to God to lead you to the one intended for you and that’s a Godly woman or man, the one who loves God and does what he want. A Godly woman or man reads the bible every day and prays.

As a woman looking to get married, look for a Godly man because he has good characters.  

Why we should wait for a Godly partner? We should realize the value of a partner who has a soft heart towards God. Most people value qualities that are useless. Here are the benefits of marrying a woman who fear God.

Advantages of Dating a Godly woman

You will see a big change with a Godly woman, your relationship or marriage will be blessed because both of you lives a life that pleases God. Your Godly woman will have true love, authentic love that is commanded by God.

The bible says “love is not quick to anger and is kind” hence your partner will keep some emotions in control.

Christian soul mates are united by God, they pray and go to church together. Which man doesn’t want this, men and women are tired of being heartbroken, just invite God into your life and you will see a big change.

The following tips will help you know if you are dating a Godly Woman

women looking for men photo

A Godly woman cannot play games with his husband emotions, when she commits, she makes sure she does 100%. There is no room for guessing and she will not tolerate games too. She will not be looking to be just a girlfriend but a wife.

She prays for her husband and marriage.  A Godly woman is prayerful and faithful. She will constantly pray for her man to succeed in his daily life and if something were to happen in the relationship or marriage, her first reaction would be to pray rather than argue.

She will not ask for intercourse before marriage: when dating a Godly woman, she will not tempt or pressure for sex until marriage. Through prayer, a woman who is led by God will manage her sexual desires until she says I do. God comes first in her life.

A Godly woman will respect you: you will know you are dating a Godly woman because she will treat you with respect, she will be with you through hard and easy times, and you will be her number 1 supporter.

Godly woman puts God first before you:  she will love you but God will come first. Loyalty to God will be her first priority hence she will not agree to do contrary to the word of God.

Godly woman loves you unconditionally: through marriage has its challenges, a Godly woman never changes her love for you. Her love is still the same, either you become sick, a successful businessman or loss a job, her love will not change. A Godly woman will love you unconditionally unlike a worldly woman.

Born again Interracial Dating platform

Are you looking to date a Christian of the opposite race than yours? We have an Interracial dating platform here where you can reply to the available personal advert for free if interested.

It is a free platform that do not charge you to take contacts or send a message. Christians from different backgrounds come together and connect through a site like this.

It is important to be equally yoked with someone who shares same Christian beliefs like you and it is possible with this platform.

I believe marriage is a sacred covenant between God and lovers. So it’s not just romance and love but God has a plan for those who enter into it.

Genesis 2:18, “for it is not good for man to be alone, I will make a companion for him to be a helper”.   I hope you get your soul mate in this platform. Do not forget too that our God is a treasure in marriages.

The following video has good Christian dating tips for women looking for Christian men

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