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17 Signs that shows he or she loves you, from Dr. LOVE

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You need to recognize how your partner shows love and appreciate you.

I consider that two people that want to be together have their own ways of loving each other but there are general signs that will show your partner loves you. The sense is that you have to feel love and be loved.

For those out there that are short in demonstrating your love for your partner, analyze yourself, and see what he or she expects from you.

Actions speak louder than words

Very early on I worked out that ‘words were cheap’. People can say whatever they like – to me, it’s what they do that counts (and demonstrates) the most.

There is an Aussie film called Bliss that illustrates this best for me. An aging hippie, living in the bush, plants trees to attract bees, which will collect the nectar from the flowers they produce.

The hippie harvests the honey and sends samples to his long long lost lover who is called Honey Barbara (because she loves honey).

A bit sentimental, but, action speaking louder.

Have a good communication

You’re dating someone but feel something’s amiss.

Good communication will make your relationship strong but bad communication will destroy it.

A couple is required to express their needs, fears, feelings and frustrations.  Lovers who communicate often are truly a team and there is no feeling of competition and desire to be right but a big desire to be happy.

In order to solve arguments, you need to communicate and find solution so both can feel connected. Avoid at all cost using the silent treatment. Something else to avoid is making your own conclusions.

Make sure you have all the facts before confronting.

Spending Time together

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You makes all the plans. Are you always the one planning things? Do you constantly have to reach out to your partner you’re dating?

 If so, then you’re likely more interested than he/she is.

You shouldn’t be the one always planning things. That’s a bad sign. One of you is likely to be pushing for something more serious and the other is likely wanting something very casual.

When someone isn’t there for you, disappearing for days, saying he’s been busy etc. and not feeling your needs, it WON’T work.

On the other hand, it’s a sign of genuine love if your partner loves to spend time with you. You look forward to seeing her, and don’t care much about what the two of you will be doing as long as you’re together.

Watching a movie next to her sounds like the best option for Saturday night.

When you’re not together, you miss her and think about how much she’d love whatever it is that you’re doing (and how much more fun you’d be having if she were there).

Telling them that you love them

Love is shown in combination of words and actions, because if it is only shown, you will always feel the need to hear it!

I’m not saying that love wouldn’t exist with only one of the two, but it is at its full and it can satisfy you when it is both.

I hear the words and take them to be true, as a lot of emotional females do. “I love you. I wish I knew you sooner, move in with me, be mine and only mine”.

Being selfless

Being selfless. E.g. your partner proposing an activity they know you like but you perhaps don’t. 

Selflessness such as enjoying something with me that I know you don’t care for much but want to do with me, is a definite indicator for me of the Love someone else has.

When I love someone, he receive the best of me, am willing to jump through hoops of fire to please that person, and my critical mind’s eye becomes cloudy…choosing not to see those imperfections that would otherwise drive me crazy.                                                         

Being tolerant

Being tolerant of his/her bad habits for example. If you allow me to do or enjoy some things you don’t like at all and not having any problem with it.

For example,  if I am going to watch something and you say say “enjoy yourself” and mean it, and never ‘nag’ about it or mention it any other time, then yes that kind of tolerance I take as an indicator.

It’s the acceptance of each other that makes a relationship work or not.

Being compassionate

Being compassionate towards his/her personal issues in life.

Genuine compassion is another that definitely is an indicator to me of Love. Especially when that compassion extends to my family and others I care about, that is a true indicator for me!


You forgive him or her even if deep down you know you have been hurt.

Genuine forgiveness is another, forgiving and letting go of something even something hurtful as you mention.

The key is the “letting go” part for me. If they forgive and then a month later bring it up again, then I do not feel as though true forgiveness was given.

Showing genuine interest in anything you do or think

Another crucial indicator for love is genuine interest in your thoughts. Being truly interested in what I think about things and how I feel about things is a definite and major indicator for me.

Some people are not that very talkative and unless a question is asked or a conversation is carried on with me I don’t tend to say much because I feel like if I just start talking than I am ‘forcing’ someone to listen to me that really doesn’t want to listen to me.

So someone who asks me things and shows genuine interest in anything I do or think, that to me is my most important indicator.


I think the greatest test is when you can bring yourself to set aside your ego and try to understand what your partner is truly feeling/needing. Sometimes it takes a long while to get there.

Giving without expecting anything in return

It is giving freely without expecting anything in return because it comes back anyway, if she/he is like you are.

Being Grateful

It is being GREATFUL that this person you are so into has given you their devotion and affection because YOU are worth it!!

Not wanting him or her to leave

It is also never wanting them to leave, because if they did your life would seem so much less if they were gone out of it.

Making love with passion

It is also making love with a genuine love for them…passion and 
damned glad to be in the same bed with a person you feel is comfortable with you, and above whatever EX you once had a thing for….remember that he or she is an EX for a reason.

Being there for good and bad times

Your partner being there for any problem that they need a shoulder for and looking above the situation to produce positive and unbiased solutions for the betterment of all concerned.

Not revenging

There should be no revenge for any reason. It is remembering that when your partner/lover/friend makes innocent mistakes…he/she don’t do it on purpose.

Personal Contact is Important

Also personal contact is important, a hug, a kiss, cuddling. My neighbor love her kids and she find herself telling them that she loves them and hugs and kisses them all the time, maybe she is corny, but I think that is what it is.

In Conclusion

How do you receive love?

A simple way to say it is:
I give you my heart and
I do accept yours
We exchange hearts.

Then I will care for that heart of yours.

And you care for my heart.

And action must be in place.

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