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The many reasons why you should date a religious girl- Love that lasts

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A religious girl is worth more than wealth. She is inwardly rich and her actions show this outwardly. She is humble, merciful and is daily in the word of God.

She lives a life of piety or Godliness. She is a rare gem, slow to anger and knows how to handles frustration or difficult situations.

As instructed by God, she will do her best to control her emotions and most important of all, is careful of the type of language she uses.

She is Humble

A humble person is willing to listen and will not arrogantly dismiss you. The Bible warns against proud people but it instead tells to be clothed with humility.

 Such a person will make a good partner because she will strive to be a peacemaker.

A God fearing woman Shows True Beauty

The Bible urges women to dress modestly and discreetly with appropriate clothing. In addition, they should do good works, as appropriate for women claiming godliness.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised”. – Proverbs 31:30

She is Truthful

The Word of God has the effective power to change a person (Isaiah 55:11), even the heart of a king. A Christian woman will not lie to you.

She will be truthful, unlike a godless woman who is deceitful, because she is self-centered and wants her way.

When you date a Christian girl, you will feel loved and treasured more than any other person on earth.  She will also pray for your relationship and will be there for you during your best and worst times.

Is modest

A divine woman is humble in every way. She dresses modestly and speaks with modesty.

A religious girl pays attention to the kind of language she uses

Is she careful of how she talks to people and about God? Obscenities and the futile taking of God’s name are all too common nowadays.

Instead of allowing dirty language to permeate her own speech, a religious woman will be careful with her words and follow the biblical advice “to not let a corrupted word come out of your mouth.” – Ephesians 4:29.

A pretty simple measure of a woman’s words is to make notes of how she talks to you, your relatives, or someone she does not even know.

You can get a profile of a single Christian woman here, Christian dating site in kenya. Have a look and reply if she is the one who have been looking for.

                         Points to keep in mind when dating a Dating Godly woman

Casual or purposeless dating has no benefit to a Godly woman. She wants someone who will meet the goals of her relationship which is marriage.

Dating a religious girl is Meaningful

She can be trusted. She will not cheat and will strive do no evil in all the days you will be with her. Her faithfulness will shine through everything she says and does.

                                  Putting God first in a relationship

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Marriage is not so much about finding someone who is completely compatible, but is about committing yourself to someone, despite difficulties and differences.

The brokenness you see in yourself and the brokenness that you experience from your spouse point both of you to the only perfect one, God.

The beauty of putting God first in your relationship or marriage is that he will sustain you despite your shortcomings.

Ask God to help you change your bad attitudes

Apart from cheating, many relationships are destroyed by pride – ex find it difficult to admit mistakes and apologize.

 Be humble and ask God to help you change your bad habits.  Ask Him to help you apply the Bible in your life.

Be guided by love, not lust

The fruit of the spirit is love. Love creates self-control. Let love guide you but not lust.

Pray for each other

They say that when you pray for your partner, you are spiritually bound to them. It’s true, because blessing your partner spiritually adds to his sense of well-being in the physical realm.

God also blesses the relationship when you put him first. Make it a habit between you and your partner to support and help one another.

                                Born again Christian Dating site

A born again Christian dating site is a platform where you can connect with your fellow single Christians. You know how crucial it is to be matched with the person you share the same Christian beliefs and want to spend the rest of your life with, right?

If you have tried to find a religious girl and had no luck yet, try a born again Christian dating site.

 It helps Christians have long-term relationships and marriage. Many have reported success in finding their partners and are happy in marriages.

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