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Advice to Men dating women- Don’t lose the Moon while Counting the Stars

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Relationship mistakes guys make

You met a girl and you both fall in love….Months go by and your relationship is strong. By this time, she is already attached to you.

She makes you her Facebook profile, texts and calls you all the time, she sleeps at your house whenever you ask her, she takes you to the cinema with her own money because she loves you.

Later, she starts hearing cheating rumors, she confronts you and you deny (as usual).

She catches you with different girls, you apologies and she forgives you because she loves you.

She starts to be skeptical about herself, starts feeling like she is not enough for you, she is not beautiful enough, you cheat time and time again, she tries fighting for the relationship but she realizes that she is fighting alone.

She walks away and you don’t even try stopping her because 900+ likes means you can get any girl you want.

 Months later you are in a relationship with a new girl that is more beautiful, curvier than her.

 You take cute pictures and you start posting them with cute captions.

She finds out and it broke her because you have never posted her pictures nor made her your WhatsApp profile photo before…

“She is still trying to get over you”…
Your new girl cheats on you so you walk away and move from relationship to relationship…

Unfortunately, they don’t just happen overnight… You then realize that she is the only girl that has ever loved you… The only girl that had your back. Your RIDE or DIE…

You try messaging her and she blocked you because seeing your pictures with that girl broke her.

One day, while at the mall you bump into her and she is still beautiful and you decide to talk to her, to tell her you are sorry and try to fix things but a guy shows up and holds her hand.

She tells you it’s her boyfriend and they came to celebrate their one year anniversary.

By then you’ll realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

Men cherish what you’ve got and be satisfied.

Date without Heartbreak-Relationship mistakes guys make

From that case study, it is evident that there are many mistakes guys make in a relationship.

Whether you are in a relationship or looking forward to enter into 1, here are bad habits you need to drop ASAP.

I want your 1, 2, 3 or 4 year old relationship with the girl you love to last but not leave you wondering why.

1.      You can’t let go of your Ex

pain from heartbreak

You broke up with your ex but you keep talking about her. No woman wants to compete with another woman for your attention.

You need to put your past behind and focus on the relationship that you have now.

Do not carry your old baggage into your new relationship.

If you have a problem letting go of your ex-girlfriend, it is best you work it out with your councilor or give yourself some time to heal before pursuing a new relationship.

Make your girl feel she is the most important person in your life but not your ex.

2. Cheating

There is no doubt that your relationship will change after you cheat. If you enter into a relationship, you should commit yourself.

Cheating causes heartbreak, mistrust and recurrent issues so why destroy your relationship or marriage by cheating? Cheating is the ultimate deal breaker. It is a betrayal that have dire consequences.

If you have already cheated, try and work things out with your girlfriend but expect a bumpy ride. She will be hurt, angry and upset. You will need to work hard to reassure her that it will not happen again.

3. Game playing

This is one of the strategies employed by some men to protect their ego. They will want to play cool so as not to appear needy. However, this strategy will make you feel safe but will make your girl feel not wanted.

Listen, I am not here to make you feel bad but these strategy is sending the wrong message. She will feel she is not needed anymore and you might end up losing her.

I would recommend to balance between showing interest and not appearing needy.

Avoid these mistakes if you do not want to wind up single 5 years from now. These are mistakes that push women away.  

4. Taking each other for Granted

In a mature relationship, the couple should not take each other’s for granted. Your partner is someone that you should be grateful for. You will know that your partner is taking you for granted when you start to see this signs;

-Is not interested in being involved in your life

-Does not appreciate you as much as you want

-Cheating on you

-Cause your low self esteem

-Manipulate you emotionally and many more

Stop taking each other for granted. Instead, start being grateful to your partner. Just saying thank you or show your appreciation by doing something in return.

Being affectionate will also help. Holding hands, hugs will make you feel connected with your partner.

5. Lying

It is worth noting that lies and secrets can destroy a relationship or a marriage. Trust is fragile and if your partner start to lie, it is hard to trust him or her. If you want your relationship to last forever, always be honest.

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